"Try not to become a man of SUCCESS,
but rather try to become a man of VALUE."

- Albert Einstein -


Joshua is an American entrepreneur, investor, and community leader. His life began with a humble beginning and that has been a big part in making Joshua who he is today. His first job was helping his dad clean office buildings and through that process he met a financial adviser who worked after hours. Always being attracted to business, entrepreneurship and money, this gentleman pointed Joshua in the direction of what knowledge to seek about those topics. Joshua started his first official business venture at the age of 15 and has had many successful businesses and projects since then.


As an entrepreneur, Joshua has the freedom and flexibility to work around things he is passionate about. He is a man who inspires and always takes an optimistic perspective on all business opportunities and challenges. He says “If you can believe it, you can achieve it!”


Joshua believes that successful businesses and communities are built upon the backs of great citizens and leaders. He believes that everyone has an obligation to become the best they can be and share their experience and journey with others so they can grow as well.


Joshua knows the importance of philanthropy and is passionate about giving back to society. Through Rotary International, charitable activities, public speaking, and mentoring, Joshua is dedicated and committed to building strong and vibrant communities.


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